Monday, 18 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #2

Today is Monday the 18th of April the school holidays! I woke up at nine in the morning and the sun was shining on my face. I wanted to sleep in for a long time. I walked into the kitchen and ate breakfast. After breakfast I brushed my teeth. I helped out in the house by washing all the dishes for mum and my sisters dried them. I also fed my pet dog clifford all of his food. After that we went outside to the back to go take all of the clothes in from the washing line. Me and my sisters put all of the clothes in the basket for us to put inside and fold. Then we went to go learn our maths work our mum wanted us to do. She made sure that we had to learn all of our times tables. Finally when we learnt them we got to play. We were playing on the Computer, Ipad and we were watching TV for 1 hour. The hour later my mum came back work on her lunch break and came to make lunch. We went to countdown to buy the ingredients then we went home to cook. My mum was cooking chicken fettuccine. While she was making it I went to go take a shower. I felt like I needed to go to the pools. I got changed and Lunch. We all sat down on the kitchen table and ate. My mum went back to work and we went back to playing. It was getting dark and my dad just came back from work and my mum just came 15 minutes later. She needed to go to her friends birthday party. I helped make dinner and made the milo for me and my sisters and we ate the leftover chicken fettuccine. Then my mum got changed and went to the party. We went 20 minutes later to go play with the kids at the birthday. My dad went to go back to work to go build something. Then we came back home. Thank you for reading.

By Mitchell

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