Monday, 11 April 2016

Year 5 & 6 Camp Review

The blog that I reviewed was Samoa's. Here is the link to her blog Samoa Blog Retell. On her first slide she talked about the Year 5 kids coming to camp for the first time. She also talked about Parents and Teachers who volunteered to cook and make breakfast,lunch and dinner for all the campers.

On her second slide she talked about what camp groups there were at camp. All the camp groups had to start with the word Kind under our topic Make Kindness go Viral. She told the audience the names and the meanings on the group. She also told us who were the leaders of the group and the teacher.

Her third slide was about her group the Kindonators. She talked about her being leaders with Ajani and their teachers Mr Somerville and Miss West. She said that her group was awesome and they picked the Song wake me up before you go. They copied some dance moves off Just Dance.

The 4th slide she talked about the cool Camp Activities everyone did. She talked about the Activity Killing Fields or in Nicer words Top town. In her paragrapgh she said that they had to fight with water balloons in a square and if they touched the ground the would be out of the game.

The 5th slide was about everyone's amazing trip to Papakura Pools. She said that their was an Indoor and Outdoor pool and said that their was a Warm and Cold Pool. She said that the inside pool had a button and when you press the button it would make very big Waves.

Slide 6 was about our Camp Concert. In her paragraph she said that all of the camp groups was very cool and had very cool songs to play and very cool dance moves. She also said who came 1st , 2nd and 3rd in our whole camp groups.

Her last slide was a big thank you to everyone who helped out to all of the teachers who volunteered to help out. Thank you for reading my review.,

By Mitchell.

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