Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post 4 Writing

Once there was a Family called the Ogino Family. They lived in Yamanashi in Japan. They were moving to a small town in Kyoto near Tokyo. In the Ogino family was a dad named Luki, the mum Reibun and the daughter Chihiro. They were driving to their new house and was nearly there but Chihiro’s dad took a wrong turn and went into an abandoned theme park. They stopped outside and walked in. Chihiro’s dad could smell some food and walk towards the smell. They stepped on some rocks to get to the other side of the river.

They followed him and kept on following him until they were there. It was a restaurant and all the food was just left out on the desk. So Chihiro’s Parents decided to pay them later when they came back. Chihiro's Parents were eating and gobbling up all of the food hungrily but Chihiro did not want to eat any food. “It’s so crispy and tender” Chihiro’s Mum said. “I don’t wanna eat anything” Chihiro Said. She went to go explore the town but suddenly this teenage boy Haku told her to leave straight away.

Image result for spirited awayHe told her that the lights are lighting up but she was confused what it meant. “Cross the river with your parents NOW !.” She went to go get her parents but when she got to the place they were eating they got turn into PIGS by a witch Yubaba for eating the spirits food. “Ahhhhhhhh” she screamed She ran away and hid behind this house. Haku heard her crying so he walked to her and tried to help her to see what was wrong.
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Thanks for reading. By Hayao Miyazaki Image result for spirited away

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